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To ensure the safety of all students and staff, we have developed a COVID-19 response plan and protocols for safe re-opening of Claire Henry School of Dance. We ask that all parents/guardians read and accept the agreement prior to students attending class.

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Procedures for Arrival and Pick-up

  • Students should not present for class if they are feeling unwell

  • Screening procedures will be in place prior to entering the building. Students will have their temperature checked, and parents/guardians will be asked if students have been unwell or have displayed any symptoms

  • On entering & leaving the building, students are required to use hand sanitiser

  • Students will be required to arrive in ballet uniform under a tracksuit or coat. These may be left in the cubby holes outside the studio door prior to entering for class

  • Toilet access will be minimised, however there will be a full-time attendant present to sanitise facilities after each use

  • A one-way system will be in place to facilitate either drop and pick-up. Parents/guardians should bring students to the main entrance for drop off. Teachers will escort students to the side entrance for collection

  • Students should arrive exactly on time, early arrival cannot be facilitated

  • Teachers will wash hands and use hand sanitiser between classes

  • Parents/guardians and non-dancers are not allowed to enter the sports building and must wait outside

  • Parents/guardians must pick-up on time to avoid any congregation of students outside the building

  • Parents/guardians should maintain social distancing outside the building while waiting to drop off or collect children

Procedures During Class

  • There will be restricted numbers in classes in line with government guidelines

  • During the class, social distancing will be encouraged and students will remain in their places (coloured circles spaced 2m apart will mark these places)

  • In line with WHO guidance, students are not required to wear face masks during class

  • Parents should explain to younger children that hand-holding or contact will not be allowed during class

  • Toys or personal belongings will not be permitted inside the studio

  • There will be a break between each class to allow all frequently touched surfaces to be wiped down and the room aired

  • In order to make administrative procedures contactless, all bookings, registrations, billings and payments will now be carried out online, prior to attending class

  • If a parent/guardian wishes to speak with Claire Henry before or after class, we ask that you email or arrange a phone call

Lead Representatives re COVID-19 Measures

Claire Henry

Implementing the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Measures to Minimize Risk to Teachers and Students


Policies and procedures for prompt identification and isolation of staff or students who may have symptoms of COVID-19. The prompt identification and isolation of potentially infectious individuals is a crucial step in protecting the person involved, and others they may come in contact with.

  • Claire Henry School of Dance will keep a log of attendance at all classes to facilitate contact tracing

  • Please note that this log, in addition to parent/guardian names and contact numbers, will be shared with a designated representative of Wesley College in order to facilitate contact tracing, should the need arise

  • Claire Henry School of Dance will inform teachers and others of the purpose of the log

  • As information about the virus is evolving, public health advice is being updated on a regular basis, and it is important to recognise that flexibility will be required in meeting the measures to reduce the spread

  • In the event of government restrictions being imposed which require the studio to close, the term will be continued as normal, with classes being held virtually instead



Dealing with a Suspected Case of COVID-19 in the Workplace


While teachers/students should not attend work if displaying any symptoms of COVID-19, the following steps outline how Claire Henry School of Dance will deal with a suspected case, should it arise

  • Designated isolation area – front corner of the studio, beside window

  • Other students will not have any access to the isolated person

  • Student’s parent(s) will be contacted, and they will be taken home immediately

  • Carer (i.e. ballet teacher) will maintain 2 metre distance

  • Both teacher and student will wear facemasks

  • The teacher should avoid touching people, surfaces and objects

  • Advice should be given to the person presenting with symptoms to cover their mouth and nose with the disposable tissue provided when they cough or sneeze and put the tissue in the waste bag provided

  • Assessment of the incident will be undertaken, which will form part of determining follow-up actions and recovery

  • Appropriate cleaning of the isolation area and work areas involved will follow

  • Claire Henry School of Dance will provide advice and assistance if contacted by the HSE


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