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Fees, deposits and refunds


1. A fee is charged for each class enrolled in per term.


2. Students are expected to attend all classes, and an invoice will be raised for the whole term.


3. Fees will only be calculated on a pro rata basis when a student starts after a term has begun.


4. Refunds will not be given for non-attendance, other than for the reason set out in Clause 10.


5. Refunds will not be given where a class has to be cancelled and rescheduled for the reasons set out in Clause 11.





6. Payments must be settled prior to or on the first week of a new term. In the event of late payment, the student will not             be admitted into class until the fee has been paid in full.

7. The School reserves the right to charge a late payment fee if an invoice remains unpaid after the first class of a new term.

8. Payment can be made online, by credit or debit card, in person or by bank transfer:

      a. Online using the link provided on the invoice.

      b. In person at the studio for cash/cheque/credit/debit card transactions.

      c. By bank transfer to:

              Claire Henry Dance

              Allied Irish Bank

              IBAN: IE02AIBK93357052246032

              BIC: AIBKIE2D

          For bank transfers, please ensure to include the student’s name in the reference.

Register, attendance and absence

9. A register for each class is maintained by the teacher and records student attendance for the purposes of safety and security.

10. If a student is absent from class for four or more consecutive weeks, a refund of 90% of the fees paid for those classes not attended will be given only on the evidence of a medical certificate. This must be provided within one month of the absence, otherwise no refund will be given. Additionally, refunds can only be given from the date on the medical certificate.

11. If a class is cancelled due to the sickness of the teacher, a health epidemic or any other unforeseen event, then we will try to reschedule the class or alternatively provide an online class. This may be on a different day and time from when originally scheduled and might involve an extension to the term time dates. No refunds will be given in this case.

Class procedures

12. If your child attends any classes during the term, you are liable to pay for the full term’s invoice.

13. Students who are permanently enrolled are automatically re-enrolled each term unless formal written notification of withdrawal or change of class has been made.

14. Entries for RAD examinations/class awards and any class changes are at the discretion of Claire Henry School of Dance.

15. Pre-Vocational classes – entry into this class is by invitation only and the class must be taken in addition to at least one Graded class. Enrolment is guaranteed for a maximum of one year and during this time will undertake an assessment carried out by the teacher and Dance School Principal. The assessment will determine whether the student will move into Intermediate Foundation, continue in the Pre-Vocational class or continue with their Graded classes. Moving into the vocational stream will be at the sole discretion of the Dance School Principal.

Permissions (Photographic consent)

16. Upon registration, parents are asked to opt in or opt out of photographic consent for their child/ward. Parents will be notified in writing when photographic sessions take place.


17. Where two or more siblings attend class at the Dance School, the youngest sibling will receive a 10% sibling discount on all classes in which they are enrolled. The discount will be applied at the start of the term of  enrollment for each class the youngest sibling is enrolled in, providing at least two siblings are still enrolled in the Dance School. In the event the eldest sibling leaves during a term, the discount will not apply at the start of the next term if only one sibling remains.


18. Physical contact may be necessary by members of the teaching faculty. If you have any concerns regarding this matter, please contact the Dance School Principal.

Communication and correspondence

19. Any communication regarding students, classes or information related to the Dance School can only be sent to the primary account holder.

20. Claire Henry School of Dance cannot be held responsible for any delay or non-receipt of correspondence due to server downtime, incorrect contact details provided at the time of enrollment, or any other circumstances outside its control.

Code of Conduct

21. A Code of Conduct will be issued to students and parents/guardians. Failure to observe this may result in students being asked to leave. The School reserves the right to refuse any student prior to or after enrollment. No refund will be given if the Code of Conduct has been invoked.


22. The School reserves the right to alter the advertised programme and faculty without prior notice.

Data Protection

23. Claire Henry School of Dance is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We only use personal information if we have an appropriate reason (lawful basis) to do so and this includes sharing information outside the School.

24. We review how long we keep personal information on a regular basis. We are legally required to hold some types of information to fulfill our statutory obligations. We hold your personal information on our systems for only as long as is necessary for the relevant activity, or as long as is set out in any relevant contract or agreement you hold with us.

25. The Dance School’s Privacy Notice can be viewed on the website.

Changes to the terms and conditions

26. Claire Henry School of Dance reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time for the benefit of the business, staff or participants.

Agreement to the terms and conditions

27. Customers (parents, guardians and students) are required to acknowledge their acceptance of the terms and conditions for each student enrolled by checking the relevant box during online registration.

28. The terms and conditions must be accepted in order to enrol in classes at Claire Henry School of Dance. Applications cannot be submitted until the acceptance box has been checked.

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