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Claire Henry School of Dance welcomes children from 3 years of age to discover the wonderful world of ballet. Guided through Royal Academy of Dance syllabus by experienced teachers, students are nurtured and developed so that they reach their own individual potential.


We offer a free trial class to allow our students to try a class before committing to a term.

If they enjoy the trial class with us and wish to continue, the cost of this class will be discounted from the remaining term fees.


A programme designed specifically for children aged 3-4 years, using imagination and props to introduce basic ballet technique.

These classes allow little ballerinas to develop posture, coordination, and musicality, while fostering their confidence and social skills.


A programme designed for children aged 5-7 years, or those who have previously taken ballet classes, introducing ballet vocabulary and steps.


Following the Royal Academy of Dance Pre-Primary and Primary in Dance syllabus, these classes allow students to further develop posture, coordination, concentration and musicality, whilst also building their strength and technique.

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